Brought to you by: Canadian Niagara Power Inc. / Eastern Ontario Power and Algoma Power Inc.

  1. Why is this program being offered?
    1. The program was developed to promote energy savings and reduce the demand for electricity in the province of Ontario. By obtaining your free kit, properly installing and using the featured energy-efficient products, you will be able to manage your energy usage more effectively.
  2. Who pays for this program?
    1. This program is funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), formerly the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).
  3. Do I have to pay tax on the products I purchase?
    1. You do not have to pay tax on any of the items that are free of charge. However, if you do decide to purchase a product, you will be required to pay the appropriate sales price plus taxes.
  4. What if I don’t own the house? Can I still apply?
    1. You certainly can. If you don’t own the property but do pay the electricity bill, you can still apply but should request permission from your landlord before installing any of the items
  5. What happens if I ordered my kit and have not yet received it?
    1. Please allow for up to 6 weeks for your kit to arrive from the time that you place your order. If you still have not received it after 6 weeks, you may call our service provider at 1-866-354-5098.
  6. What happens if an item in my kit is defective?
    1. If you received a defective item, or have a general warranty claim you may call our service provider at 1-866-354-5098.
  7. Who do I call if I have questions or problems?
    1. Questions about this program may be directed to our service provider at 1-866-354-5098.